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Lien Law Services Offered by Construction Advocates Association

Construction Advocates Association (CAA), is a Notice to Owner Specialist working with the construction industry providing timely documentation services. Used correctly, these services can drastically minimize losses and promote timely payment for our members.

Our mailing address has recently changed to 840 Center Ave., #68, Holly Hill, FL 32117.

Documentary Services:

Notice to Owner (NTO): The most frequently requested service CAA offers is the preparation and mailing of Notice to Owner forms. This preliminary document regulates how draws are disbursed and gives you the right to lien the property improved by your services and materials if you aren't paid. CAA researches the public records for the correct information, prepares the Notice according to the most current law requirements, tracks them to make sure they are delivered, and maintains them in our office for two years. Just sending Notices regularly can minimize your payment problems by as much as 80%.

Demand for Bond: A common document sent with a Notice to Owner if we suspect a job is protected by a payment bond. The bond information is critical to your lien rights and the existence of a payment bond will alter the forms required for collecting.

Property Research (COL): CAA accesses public records to compile and update property information necessary for our customers to prepare a Claim of Lien. We provide a current form and complete public record information needed as well as instructions from the current Lien Law statutes. Once you file a Lien, you have the right to foreclose on the property even if it's homestead. There is no other law like this!

It is important you know CAA does not have an attorney on staff and is not a law firm. We have been given strict guidelines by the Unauthorized Practice of Law Board for the services we offer. The services we provided are determined as "practicing law" but have been allowed due to the overwhelming collection problems in our industry and because of the law's complexity. CAA is limited to the services we can legally offer and cannot "advise" our customers in any way. We do, however, make the preparation of the lien extremely easy for our customers.

Notice of Non-Payment (NNP): CAA determines if the job is bonded and prepares a Notice of Non-Payment instead of, or in addition to, a Property Research package.

Information and Education

CAA believes in the importance of a well-informed membership. In an industry and a state going through significant changes and growth, it is essential that you are continually updated in order to keep pace with the industry. With this in mind, we provide the following:

  • Seminars/Workshops: CAA gives or sponsors seminars/workshops to inform our members about changes in Florida Lien Law, Contract Law, Bad Check laws, Credit, Bankruptcy, Collections, Small Claims Court, etc.
  • Newsletter: CAA members receive periodic email newsletters, full of eye-opening facts, figures and points of view. We keep it short but informative.


CAA was founded in August 1985 by Dorice Soroka in Volusia County. She was previously employed by a metal manufacturing sub-contractor. There she learned the necessity and complexity of Florida Construction Lien Law. The trend was that by sending Notices to Owner the sub-contractor would collect all monies due while other companies on the same job would sometimes take losses. In 1985, when the metal company was sold, Dorice formed CAA, specializing in Notice to Owners. With a background as a sub-contractor and a careful study of Lien Laws themselves, CAA developed a unique package of services specifically for the construction industry.

In late 2019, Dorice sold the company to Heather Tazumi due to health reasons. Heather worked closely with Dorice and has had the privilege of working with most of CAA’s members. Dorice and Heather worked together on the businesses transition From January 2020 to March 2020.

CAA continually expands its services to better meet the needs of its members. Working hand in hand with the membership, CAA's ultimate goal is to build an association strong enough to significantly impact favorably on the construction industry itself. From time to time our members are requested to complete forms or convey their opinions about the industry to the lawmakers in Tallahassee. Together we strive to introduce legislation strengthening your ability to collect for work performed. We were instrumental in the change that made banks responsible for insuring payment when they receive a Notice to Owner. As our membership grows, so does our ability to make a real difference in how you get paid.

Average Rating of CAA by Members: 5

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